image: seal for the County of Yuba General Plan image: seal for the County of Yuba General Plan

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Yuba County

  General Plan Update




About the Yuba County General Plan
Importance of Updating a General Plan | General Plan Contents | Advisory Committee

What is a General Plan?

A General Plan is a guide that sketches out all the important details needed to create a thriving, well-balanced community. In Yuba County, the General Plan will be instrumental in preserving agriculture and directing urban uses in designated urban areas. The updated General Plan will keep these over-arching goals and also help define:
  • Ways to support the development of a healthy economy
  • Ways to reduce traffic congestion, improve local access and safety
  • Ways to address the need for housing people of all income levels
  • Ways to make the best use of open space, trails and recreational facilities
  • Ways to protect the natural environment and ensure the safety of residents in case of natural disasters


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